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Get the most out of Rapid Rivet's updated website by utilizing its advanced features! Read on to learn about Rapid Rivet's dynamic inventory, Rapid quoting system, and order history process, including the ability to find tracking information, certifications, and packing lists in an easy-to-use process!

Dynamic Inventory and Quoting

Rapid Rivet’s website is dynamically linked with our own in-house system, meaning the inventory listed in-stock on the site is in-stock in our system as well! This means less time checking over the phone or through email chains to see if stock is up to date. Instead, just add the items to your quote, send it to our Rapid Team, and receive information incredibly quickly.

Placing a quote has never been easier thanks to our Rapid Portal, and its features allow for organized quote history as well as a quick process to convert your quotes into an order!

Our inventory has detailed feature descriptions for each product, including material, length, head style, finish, and more. This allows you to filter and search by any information you have, letting you determine exactly what item you need for your project. You can also simply search by the product code or potential alternates in order to get right to the item you need, and instantly add it to your quote list.

Once you have added all items you need to your list, you can head to your quote list and quickly adjust quantity and unit of measure, as well as add in any notes that the Rapid Team might need when quoting such as certification or manufacturer information. Once you’re done, you can send out your quote directly to our team, who will process your quote as soon as the same day.

When using our quote system, you will be prompted to sign in when sending out your quote list. This is a necessary step to ensure you gain the best possible benefits from our Rapid Portal. When logged into our system, your Quote History will be saved to your account for easy viewing, and we can also guarantee the best deal we can give for your quotation. If you need assistance with signing in or registering a Rapid Rivet Account, read below for more details, and don’t hesitate to contact the Rapid Team for further questions.

Once your quote is received and processed, you can enter your Quote History page and instantly convert your quote into an order for processing! Simply Convert To Order, enter in the necessary information to setup a Purchase Order, and you’re done! The order will be sent through our system for immediate processing, just like any other order sent through our other channels.

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Order History and Tracking

Why should you make a Rapid Rivet Account?

With access to the Rapid Rivet portal and ability to utilize all the features of our dynamic website, Rapid Rivet boasts an incredible quick and simple to use interface to speed up user functionality and convenience.  

Registered Users have access to the Rapid Rivet Order History portal, with the ability to view all past orders as well as important details regarding them. Note that is not exclusive to orders placed through the website. If your company has placed an order with us previously and your account is connected to our database, you can view the information you need.


What are the features of the Order History Page?

- Learn if your order has shipped, and view Tracking Information and a direct link to Tracking Detail pages.

- If your order has important Certifications, view and download them instantly from the Order Detail page.

- If your order has been Invoiced, view and download all necessary documents.

Order History has never been easier with Rapid Rivet’s quick to load and easy to use portal.

How to access the Order History portal:

1.      Visit https://rapidrivet.com/store/account and sign in (Read the below paragraph if you need assistance registering or creating a new account)

2.      View your Order History at https://rapidivet.com/store/myorders

3.      Browse or search for your Purchase Order

4.      On the Order Details page, view Tracking, Invoice, and Certification Information at a glance

You’re done!

If you have any questions regarding order history or your account, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time

How do I create a Rapid Rivet Account?

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The process to create a Rapid Rivet Account is so simple, you might have done so already! Rapid Rivet’s online portal is directly connected to our customer database, meaning if you are using an email that has done business with us in the past, you likely already have an account waiting to be registered! Follow these quick steps to get your account ready to go!


If you are using an email that has done business with us in the past:

1.      Visit https://rapidrivet.com/generate-password and enter your email

2.      Click the link sent to your email and generate anew password

3.      Sign in using your email and password

That’s it! You’re now directly connected to our Rapid Portal and have access to your order and quote history at any time!


If you are using an email that has not done business with us:

1.      Visit https://rapidrivet.com/store/register and create an account

2.      Click the link sent to your email to verify and register

3.      Sign in using your email and password

You’ll now have full access to the Rapid Rivet’s dynamic site including quoting, order history, and more!


If you have any questions or concerns regarding your account or the Rapid Rivet website, don’t hesitate to reach out and Contact our Rapid Team for further information.


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