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Commercial Blind Rivets

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Though they resemble solid rivets, semi tubular rivets are hollow at the shank end, forming a closed-end tube. They are installed by rolling the tubular end outward and over with a press and anvil. This action clinches the rivet into the material and fastens it in place. The fit can be kept tight to secure a joint or loose for hinged assemblies that require some length of the rivet shank to remain for the crimping process. This can be completed with a crimping die

Semi tubular rivets are an economic choice of fastener and are suitable for use in settings that do not require a solid structural component. Only simple tools are needed for installation. They are an excellent fastener option when two materials need to be joined together at a low cost.

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Semi-Tubular Rivets That Meet With Your Requirements

Our inventory of solid rivets is diverse. We carry an extensive range of sizes, with diameters from 1/16” to 3/8” and lengths from 1/16” to upwards of 2” and 3”. We offer both countersunk and protruding head styles, with countersunk head styles available in various degrees, including the common 100 degree style. Protruding head styles include round, button, flat, brazier, and pan. We also provide these rivets in a variety of materials, including some of the most reliable aerospace and industrial quality metals. You can easily source stainless steel (CRES), Monel, titanium, and aluminum solid rivets. We also have solid rivets made from steel, copper, and brass.

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From aerospace blind rivets and aluminum rivet nuts to commercial drive rivets, it’s easy to get the rivets you require directly through our website. You can get a quote fast by selecting the items you need from our catalog and submitting an RFQ.

We’ll reply quickly with the info you need and answers to any questions you may have. You can also call to speak to an experienced member of our staff if you require information that includes product dimensional tolerances, plating, materials testing, and certification, RoHS, REACH, DFARS and Conflict Minerals requirements.

We can also help you get the details you need to confirm that our products meet with your mil-spec or OEM specifications.  Trust us to help you make an informed purchasing decision and get high quality rivets at a competitive price.

Semi Tubular Rivets for Mil-Spec, Commercial, and Aerospace Applications and More

We can provide these fasteners in a complete range of sizes, made from high quality materials, and suited to the needs of many different applications, such as HVAC and automotive settings, and in various products like printed circuit boards and loose-leaf binders. If you require steel, brass, copper, Monel or stainless steel semi tubular rivets, we can readily meet your needs. We also supply semi tubular rivets in 5056 and 2177 aluminum. Available finishes include zinc, cadmium, black oxide, nickel, tin, chemical film, anodize, and phosphate. If you require mil-spec semi tubular rivets or proprietary semi-tubular rivets made from exotic materials for aerospace applications, we can meet your requirements.

We carry a variety of head styles, including several different types of countersunk, as well as oval head, truss head, and flat head. Diameters range from 1/16” to 5/16” and lengths range from 1/8” to 2”. Semi tubular rivet length measurements are proportional to diameter measurements.

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