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Mil-Spec Rivet Nuts

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Aerospace rivet nuts are fasteners that are specifically designed to be installed into thinner materials, such as panels, extrusions, plastics, ceramics, and more. They are used in a wide range of mil-spec and aerospace applications as NAS rivet nuts.

These components are installed using a special tool with a threaded stud. This stud engages the thread of the rivet nut and pulls upward. This causes a portion of the rivet nut’s body to deform and expand against the reverse side of the installation material, creating a secure permanent joint to which a screw or bolt can be attached. They allow for fast assembly, reduced installation costs, and secure seams.

In addition to their use as aerospace and mil-spec fasteners, they can also be used as leg levelers in appliances and electronic cases, and to add various hardware attachments, such as securing luggage racks to automobiles. They are used as components in boats, motorcycles, and RVs.

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Rivet Nuts in a Variety of Materials

We carry an extensive range of rivet nuts in the most reliable industrial materials. These include brass and stainless steel rivet nuts, which are made from 430 stainless steel (SS) and 316 stainless steel (SS). These fasteners are also available with many material and finish combinations, including steel rivet with cadmium or zinc finish, and aluminum with an anodic finish.

We can also readily meet your needs when you require NAS rivet nuts that are fully compliant with national aerospace standards. We offer NAS1329 for protruding head styles, NAS1330 for countersunk head styles, NAS1734 and NAS1375 elliptical self-locking threaded fasteners—which qualify as rivet nuts. They are made from 305 stainless steel and are available in open end (NAS1734) and close end (NAS1735). Metric thread aerospace rivet nuts are also available.

Sourcing the Rivet Nuts You Need Online

We strive to make the fastener sourcing process as fast and simple as possible for our customers. You can get a quote through our catalog or by calling to speak to a knowledgeable member of our staff. As a trusted master stocking distributor of rivet nuts that meet with the highest quality demands, and other products like steel threaded inserts, steel drive rivets, aerospace threaded inserts, and round head copper rivets, we can readily deliver the products you require as well as all assurance and certification details. When you need information on product dimensional tolerances, plating, materials testing and certifications, as well as RoHS, REACH, DFARS and Conflict Minerals requirements, we can provide you with those details.

Why Choose Us As Your Rivet Nut Supplier?

When we are your rivet nut supplier, you’ll receive fast and reliable service, with the quality assurance that comes from working with an experienced domestic source. We can complete orders of in-stock items in as little as 24 hours and ship them worldwide. Submit an RFQ to get a quote or contact us directly. A member of our team can get your account set up in just minutes and will answer any questions you have.