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Aircraft Blind Rivets

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Rapid Rivet carries a comprehensive selection of aircraft rivets to meet with the needs of fastener distributors, OEMs, and hardware suppliers. Aircraft blindrivets are frequently known as aircraft blind rivets, which are used to assemble panels and skins to the frames of an aircraft fuselage or other aerospace structure. Aircraft blind rivets are aptly named, as they allow for installation when a joint can only be accessed from one side of a structure.

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Aircraft Blind Rivets, Cherry Blind Rivets, And Huck Rivets to Meet with Your Specs

Cherry blind rivets and Huck blind rivets are types of aircraft blind rivets that we maintain within our inventory. Aircraft blind rivets consist of two or three components: the rivet body or sleeve, and a setting device known as a mandrel, and, in the case of three piece blind rivets, a locking ring. These rivets are available in range of aerospace grade alloy combinations—the most common consisting of an aluminum sleeve and mandrel, and an aluminum sleeve with a stainless steel, Inconel, or alloy steel mandrel. Monel, Inconel, and stainless steel aircraft blind rivet combinations are also available.

Aircraft blind rivets are manufactured in both 100-degree countersunk and universal—also known as protruding—head styles. We provide many different types/series of aircraft blind rivets to meet with a wide range of industrial specs, such as Max rivets (NAS9301 through NAS9312 series), Wiredraw rivets (NAS1398 and NAS1399 series), Bulb rivets (NAS1738 and NAS1739 series), self-plugging rivets (MS20600 and MS20601 series), and the non-structural pull-thru rivets (MS20604 and MS20605 series).

Why Source Aircraft Rivets from Rapid Rivet?

We’re proud to be a leading master stocking distributor that can deliver high quality aircraft rivets, and a range of other rivets, including Avdel commercial blind rivets, aluminum threaded inserts, and aluminum pop rivets, with the utmost speed and reliability. We provide our clients with the quality assurance they require, which includes detailed information on product tolerances, plating, materials testing, and other certifications, such as RoHS, REACH, DFARS and DRC Conflict Minerals assurances. We are also an authorized distributor for Allfast Fastening Systems, including Allfast aerospace blind rivets. We can even provide barcoding and unit packaging on the aircraft rivets you require.

Semi Tubular Rivets for Mil-Spec, Commercial, and Aerospace Applications and More

We can provide these fasteners in a complete range of sizes, made from high quality materials, and suited to the needs of many different applications, such as HVAC and automotive settings, and in various products like printed circuit boards and loose-leaf binders. If you require steel, brass, copper, Monel or stainless steel semi tubular rivets, we can readily meet your needs. We also supply semi tubular rivets in 5056 and 2177 aluminum. Available finishes include zinc, cadmium, black oxide, nickel, tin, chemical film, anodize, and phosphate. If you require mil-spec semi tubular rivets or proprietary semi-tubular rivets made from exotic materials for aerospace applications, we can meet your requirements.

We carry a variety of head styles, including several different types of countersunk, as well as oval head, truss head, and flat head. Diameters range from 1/16” to 5/16” and lengths range from 1/8” to 2”. Semi tubular rivet length measurements are proportional to diameter measurements.

Getting the Aircraft Rivets You Need Fast

When you need aircraft rivets, Cherry blind rivets, Huck blind rivets, and other fasteners quickly, be sure to specify your needs through us at Rapid Rivet. When you contact us, a live, knowledgeable member of our team will provide you with a fast response to your quote request and answers to all of your questions. We can set up our account in minutes, which allows for more efficient ordering whenever you require rivets from us. We can fulfill your order quickly thanks to the extensive inventory that we maintain in-house, and our 24-hour, worldwide shipping capabilities that help to ensure your order arrives without delay.

Why Choose Us As Your Rivet Supplier?

At Rapid Rivet & Fastener Corp., we have the experience, inventory, and the capabilities to quickly meet your needs. Customer service and satisfaction is a major priority for us. When you call to place your order or get more information, you’ll speak to a live person who is ready to address your concerns. We also make it our mission to serve as a single stop for domestically sourced rivets and high quality rivet tools that are ready for immediate shipment. When you place your order, we can have all in-stock items on their way to you in just 24 hours, worldwide. When you’re ready to get the rivets you require, submit an RFQ or contact us. We can set up your account in just minutes.