Threaded Inserts

Rapid Rivet supplies a wide variety of Threaded Inserts, focused specifically on Rivet Nut Inserts with an inventory of thousands of product families in stock and ready to ship same-day.

Threaded Inserts from AVK, Recoil, and Pop Avdel

Threaded Inserts, like most fasteners, are a critical part of projects involving housing, aircraft, nautical, automotive, and various other applications. These inserts come in a variety of types, all with different use-cases depending on the application, material, and design. Rapid Rivet & Fastener Corp. stocks a wide inventory of Threaded Inserts along with other fastener categories such as Solid Rivets to provide you material ready to ship ASAP and at a moment’s notice. If you are unsure which Threaded Insert is best for your specific project, read on to see which category of Insert that Rapid Rivet has available would be best for you. Or, search our large inventory of over 50,000 rivet and fasteners in stock to find exactly what you are looking for, with the ability to place a quote, receive information, and ship in the same day. Click Here to view our live, updated inventory on Threaded Inserts!

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The main application of a threaded insert is to create or repair threads in a hole for other fastener applications. This is done to allow specific fasteners to be utilized for the specific project, such as allowing metric fasteners to be used in an otherwise incompatible hole. These inserts are most commonly used with wood, metal, or plastic materials in order to help create a solid bond and ensure a secure hold on your project. Their versatility and ease of use means they are applicable in a large variety of project and are a critical partner alongside other fastener categories. Ensuring you have the right fastener to use alongside your Threaded Insert of choice is incredibly important, and Rapid Rivet can help with our detailed search descriptions and filters that can be used in any of our rivet categories when adding a product to your quote list. Using these filters means finding which threaded insert is best has never been easier.

Nut Inserts

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One of Rapid Rivet’s specialties in the Threaded Insert category is Nut Inserts. Rapid Rivet stocks a large variety of Nut Inserts for all potential applications. Nut Inserts make for fantastic all-purpose threaded inserts with high resistance to pull-out and torque-out. Rapid Rivet stocks these rivets in various materials for any project such as stainless steel, steel, and aluminum. Sourced from high quality manufacturing such as AVK, Recoil, and Pop Avdel, Rapid Rivet & Fastener can ensure competitive pricing, fast delivery, and high quality for any priority fastening project.

Rapid Rivet stocks thousands of different rivets and fasteners, ready to ship ASAP. With the ability to ship the same day as you’re quoted, Rapid Rivet focuses on speed, quality, and customer satisfaction. Browse our vast inventory of Threaded Inserts to find exactly what you need, or Request a Quick Quote and speak with our professional customer representatives to determine what will work best with your project. Placing a quote on our website allows you to instantly turn that quote into an Order through your Quotes menu, and you can check on history and status of orders, such as Certifications and Tracking information, through your Orders menu.


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