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Solid Rivets: A Comprehensive Guide to MS & NAS Product Families, and More

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Introduction to Solid Rivets

Solid Rivets, also commonly called ‘Structural Rivets’, are mechanical fasteners extensively used in various industries for their exceptional strength and reliability. They provide a permanent connection between materials, making them ideal for applications where vibration and stress resistance are crucial. This comprehensive guide will delve into the key facts about solid rivets and focus on the following product families: MS20426, MS20427, MS20470, MS20613, MS20615, MS9318, MS9319, MS9403, MS9460, MS14218, MS35743, NAS1097, NAS1198, NAS1199, NAS1200, BACR15BA, BACR15BB, BACR15CE, BACR15FT, AN123 SERIES, AN124 SERIES, and AN125 SERIES.
Solid Rivets are often provided in aluminum material, allowing for a variety of benefits.

Rapid Rivet’s experienced sales team has all the information you need to learn more about Solid Rivets and how to best use them in your applications. If you have any questions about Solid Rivets or their product families, Contact Us to speak to a representative.

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Key Facts about Solid Rivets

  • Robust Construction: Solid rivets are made from durable materials like aluminum, steel, and stainless steel, ensuring exceptional strength and longevity.
  • Head Styles: Solid rivets come in various head styles, including universal head, flat head, round head, and countersunk head, catering to different aesthetic and functional preferences.
  • Installation Process: Installing solid rivets involves deforming the tail of the rivet using a rivet hammer or gun, creating a secure joint between materials.
  • Vibration Resistance: Due to their unique construction, solid rivets are highly resistant to vibration, making them ideal for applications in vehicles, aircraft, and heavy machinery.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Solid rivets made from stainless steel offer excellent corrosion resistance, ensuring their performance in harsh environments. Stainless Steel rivets are often categorized as CRES, or “Corrosion Resistant” as a result.
  • Temperature Stability: These rivets exhibit good temperature resistance, making them suitable for applications exposed to extreme heat or cold.
  • Load-Bearing Capacity: Solid rivets are renowned for their exceptional load-bearing capacity, contributing to the overall structural integrity of the assembled components.
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MS Series Solid Rivets

  • Universal Head Image

    MS20426: MS20426 solid rivets are made from aluminum alloys and titanium alloys, and a countersunk head, and are ideal for heavy-duty applications requiring robust fastening.
    100 Deg Ctsk Head Image

    MS20427: Designed with a countersunk head and coming in a variety of materials, MS20427 rivets offer versatility and strength, commonly used in aviation and military applications.
    Universal Head Image

    MS20470: These solid rivets are crafted from aluminum and titanium alloys with a universal head, making them lightweight and suitable for aerospace and automotive industries.
    Universal Head Image

    MS20613: MS20613 rivets have a universal head, providing a “Low Profile” appearance, and are commonly used in applications requiring a smooth surface. These rivets are provided in two material types: Stainless Steel (CRES), and Steel.
    Universal Head Image

    MS20615: MS20615 rivets, featuring a universal head, often come in Monel, copper, and brass materials.
    100 Deg Ctsk Head Image

    MS9318: MS9318 rivets are precision-engineered with excellent load-bearing properties, perfect for demanding structural applications.
    Universal Head Image

    MS9319: Known for their high shear strength, MS9319 solid rivets are suitable for connecting thick and heavy materials.
    Universal Head Image

    MS9403: These rivets offer outstanding corrosion resistance and are well-suited for marine and offshore applications.
    100 Deg Ctsk Head Image

    MS9460: MS9460 solid rivets are made from stainless steel and are commonly used in aircraft assembly due to their corrosion resistant characteristics.
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NAS Series Solid Rivets

  • 100 Deg Ctsk Head Flush Image

    NAS1097: NAS1097 rivets are widely used in the aerospace industry, meeting strict quality standards for critical applications. With a 100 Degree Countersunk Shear Flush Head, and aluminum and titanium alloy materials, NAS1097 rivets are versatile and high quality.
    100 Deg Ctsk Head Image

    NAS1198: With a universal head style, NAS1198 rivets provide strong and reliable connections across various industries with a resistant Stainless Steel material.
    100 Deg Ctsk Head Image

    NAS1199: Designed with a 100 degree countersunk head, NAS1199 rivets are ideal for applications requiring a flush finish alongside a CRES material body.
    100 Deg Ctsk Head Flush Image

    NAS1200: NAS1200 rivets offer excellent shear strength and are commonly used in high-stress applications due to their 100 degree countersunk head. These rivets come in both Stainless Steel and Monel materials.
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BACR Series Solid Rivets

  • 100 Deg Ctsk Head Image

    BACR15BA: BACR15BA rivets are manufactured to Boeing standards, ensuring top-notch quality and performance for applications that require a 100 Degree Countersunk head style with an aluminum material body.
    Universal Head Image

    BACR15BB: These solid rivets are ideal for aerospace applications that need a Universal Head, providing dependable fastening in critical areas alongside an aluminum body.
    100 Deg Ctsk Head Flush Image

    BACR15CE: BACR15CE rivets are known for their exceptional vibration resistance and durability with a flush shear countersunk head. This rivet is provided in aluminum, but occasionally can use a monel material.
    Universal Head Image

    BACR15FT: BACR15FT rivets offer a modified Universal Head for more specific applications and utilities. With an aluminum body, the lightweight utility of this rivet allows it to be utilized for many applications
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AN Series Solid Rivets

  • Universal Head Image

    AN123  Series: AN123 Series rivets are designed to meet military specifications and are used in various military and aerospace applications. With a universal head, these rivets are used in a wide range of utilities that require a Stainless Steel or Inconel material.
    100 Deg Ctsk Head Image

    AN124  Series: With a countersunk head and Stainless Steel body, AN124 Series rivets offer versatility and reliability for a wide range of applications.
    Universal Head Image

    AN125  Series: With a Universal  head and CRES material, AN125 Series rivets are manufactured with precision, ensuring consistent performance in critical assemblies.
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Solid rivets are a crucial element in various industries, offering exceptional strength, durability, and resistance to vibration. The MS and NAS product families, along with the BACR and AN Series, cater to diverse application needs, providing top-notch fastening solutions for critical and demanding projects. Choose the appropriate solid rivets from these product families to ensure secure and long-lasting connections in your applications. At Rapid Rivet & Fastener Corp, we offer thousands of Solid Rivets in the above categories, in-stock and ready to ship at a moment’s notice. Browse our catalog or place a Quick Quote to learn more.